Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Sharing Food and Water Tools with Burkina Faso Peace Corps

For nearly 30 years CTI volunteers have been sharing their time, compassion, and professional skills to help impoverished families in developing countries find a sustainable way out of hunger and poverty. 

CTI Africa Committee volunteers James Megivern and Julie Ryan have dedicated the next two years of their lives to serve in the Peace Corps and share their knowledge with struggling farmers in Burkina Faso. 

After James and Julie arrived in Burkina Faso, they asked a local carpenter to make the CTI Corn Sheller for local villagers to try. The sheller is a simple construction of wood and screws that can easily shuck dry corn with a simple twist, providing an opportunity for farmers to bring a higher quality grain to the market with much less time and effort. 

At a recent meeting with the Food Security Committee of the Peace Corps Burkina Faso, James and Julie shared their experience with the corn sheller and described how simple post-harvest food technologies can dramatically increase the quality and quantity of farmers' food production.

Follow James and Julie’s blog here.

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