Thursday, January 12, 2012

Making a "profound difference" in Haiti

In the months following the tragic earthquake in January 2010, CTI began collaborating with organizations working in rural Haiti. Though the earthquake was devastating to Port-au-Prince, communities outside of the capital city were struggling to find food and employment for their current residents, let alone the influx of refugees displaced from the earthquake. Using donations from several organizations, the Haitian Health Foundation (HHF) began purchasing grinders to help families near Jeremie, Haiti support themselves. The grinders, in the words of Bette Gebrian, HHF Director of Public Health: “are making such a profound difference…”

Funds for grinders were donated by many supporters, including the
Help for Haiti Consortium of Canadian Rotary District 505 in British Colombia.
This grinder is being used by a youth group to make peanut butter.
With help from members of the Jeremie Rotary,
Mme Josie Charles has built a business using a CTI grinder
to make and sell peanut butter and a warm corn-based drink called Akasan.
Mme Charles cooks the Akasan by 6am and sells it all by 8am,
so children can drink it on their way to school.
The small enterprise has been very successful
The Haitian Health Foundation has distributed more than 20 grinders which are being used to create microenterprises. 17 more grinders will be shipped to HHF in late January, 2012.